Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Functions of Antibody For #Health and #Beauty

What are antibodies? For those who have no idea as to what these things are, antibodies are type of specialized proteins that are manufactured by the body's immune system. Antibodies play a great role in maintaining good health as well as in upholding the beauty of an individual.

How does this happen? In each antibody, you can find two heavy chain proteins. These two chains can be linked to smaller and light chain proteins. The light chain proteins contain a region that allows the binding of the antibodies to its specific antigen. The binding of antigens and antibodies provide a lot of functions and benefits for the body, beauty and laboratory testing.

Antibody For Beauty
Not many people are aware that antibodies also have an effect on the way our skin looks. As we all know, the main function of antibody is to fight off infections. The types of infection that antibodies fight off are not limited to bacterial origin alone. Antibodies also have the ability to fight off infections of the fungal and viral origin which usually affects the skin.

Antibody For Health
The functions that antibodies play in our health is incomparable. Here are some of the ways on how antibodies can help our body:

The Fight Against Infection
The main function of antigen and antibody binding is to get rid of infections. Within the body, a lot of types of antibodies are synthesized. The most common type of antibodies produced is the immunoglobulin G. These antibodies are synthesized by the lymphocytes (a specific type of white blood cell. After production, these antibodies will circulate through the blood system and will bind to any antigen they will come across with. Once the binding is formed, other immune system cells will be activated, engulfing the foreign body particle. Without the appropriate antibody function, a person will have no means of fighting off infection.

The Fight Against Cancer
The binding of antigen and antibody plays a significant role in cancer therapy. Today, a lot of doctors shy away from the employment of traditional cancer therapy and opt for antibody-based cancer therapy instead. The antibodies used in this type of therapy are designed to bind to the antigen on the discovered cancer cells. It will then stimulate their immune system cells to kill the cancer cell. Given the fact that the antibodies are customized to bind only to cancer cells, the healthy cells are spared by the therapy. Because of this, the side effects that come with the treatment are significantly reduced.

Antibody in the Modern World
With the emerging number of infectious diseases as well as the increasing number of people being affected by cancer diseases, we need antibodies now more than ever. Because of these simple facts, scientists from all over the globe are finding ways on how to make the antibodies a lot more useful and powerful. In order to achieve this, custom antibody production along with the other types of antibody services are being offered by various companies worldwide.

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