Sunday, August 31, 2014

#Organization Basics: Tackle Your Messy Garage Today! #storage

The garage is a place you likely use to store all sorts of items that are out of season, whether it's holiday decorations or clothes that you don't need in the summer or winter. However, you also likely take on any sort of home repair or renovation projects that yo u do in your garage if you're a handy individual that likes doing their own work.

Unfortunately, the garage can be a place that gets out of hand very easily, and organizing it isn't always a simple as it sounds. In fact, it can be quite difficult for many homeowners.

When it's time to get your garage back in shape, use this guide to help you along the way.

Know You Needs
The first thing you need to do when tackling a messy garage is to understand what you need out of your space. Do you regularly work on big renovation projects that require a lot of floor space for working? Do you mostly use your garage for storage or parking a vehicle? Knowing these things will help you get the right organizational tools for your space.

Make a Plan
You can't just throw some shelves in your garage and start piling tools on them and hope for an organized space. It just won't work. That's why you need to make a plan and take an inventory of all the stuff you need to store before you actually start the organization process. This is especially true if you're buying shelving or anything else to outfit your space.

The best way to do this is to simply take everything out and see what you need to organize. A shelf or cabinet for small tools, storage for non-essentials and items that go inside your house is very important if you want a functional space.

Install Appropriate Shelving
It might sound obvious that you need shelving, cabinets and all sorts of drawers in your garage to make it truly function. However, many people simply don't have those things in their garage since they bought a house with a garage that was basically just an empty space.

To really get your garage organized, you need high-quality shelving and organizational tools from a reputable company like Garage Appeal. With good shelving and a built-in organizational system, you'll be able to put everything away so that you can find it the next time and work in peace along the way.

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