Thursday, August 7, 2014

Clothes shopping for Back-to-School ~ Easy! #backtoschool

A new school year is about to begin and that means it's time for back to school clothes shopping! As a mom of four children I know all about the what it takes to make a school clothing shopping trip a success. That's not saying that all of my trips to the mall with the kiddos have been a no means! But after years of doing this, I have discovered a few tips to make it much easier.
My two young sons are super easy to shop for and being ages five and nine, mom can usually make the decisions and bring home affordable yet school worthy outfits to fit their personal style and needs. On the other hand, I have two older daughters who are both attending college this fall and over the last four to six years, school clothes shopping has been complicated process. Teenage girls are definitely not as easy as boys to shop for and they tend to be very particular about not only style, but fit and brand name.

As my sons get older I do anticipate that I will be leaving behind the fast and easy shopping days and will be venturing into the world of the determined and picky teenager. I know from my two teenage nephews that clothes are very important to a teenage boy as well. My fifteen year old nephew is about to begin his high school career and does insist on certain brand names and styles for his new year. My other nephew, who is a bit older dresses very nicely for events outside of school such as a special date. In the last picture I received, he was wearing a very nice men's dress shirt by S!R. I love to see a nicely dressed young makes me smile to see someone take so much pride in themselves and want to look their best. 

This year when I venture out to the many stores to fill my children's closets with new school clothing, I will definitely ensure that they are each come home with items that make them look and feel awesome! 

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