Friday, July 25, 2014

Track Your Activity with the @Misfit Wearable #Shine!

Once in awhile I have the opportunity to review a really awesome product, one that I can use on a daily basis and one that keeps me motivated toward my personal goals. I recently had the opportunity to receive a product from Misfit Wearables...The Misfit Shine

The Shine is an activity monitor that can be worn in so many ways. I received the sports band and a magnetic clasp but there are so many more options depending on a particular lifestyle, personal style or preference. In addition to the sports band or clasp, there are necklaces, leather bands and even socks or t-shirts to use with the Shine. 

The Shine activity monitor is basically a coin-sized sensor that is designed to collect and store data based upon your activity and even your sleeping patterns. Although it's an excellent athletic accessory, it looks very sleek and not at all bulky. In addition to the discreet design, the Shine is completely waterproof, which means it can be worn in the shower or even while swimming and continue to record your activity. Speaking of activity, this awesome little monitor is able to distinguish between different physical activities such as swimming, cycling, tennis and even walking or running. As a new walker/runner, the Shine has been a fantastic help to me in keeping up with my physical activity and exercise routine.  I love the fact that it keeps track of not only how many miles I've walked or run, but also how many steps I've taken during the day. As for sleeping, this monitor tracks if I've slept in a deep state or not and for how long. 

Now you're probably wondering how this cool little invention manages to keep track of so much and how you can view the data? It's simple! The Shine syncs to your Android or iOS which means you can view your data at anytime and anywhere...I love it! 

To purchase your own Misfit Shine visit the Misfit Wearables website!

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Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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