Friday, July 25, 2014

The #Grieving Process is Different for Everyone.

Losing a loved one is hard. Some people recover quickly and others have a hard time getting past it. This is especially true when a death could have been prevented or when it comes unexpectedly. In any case, it is important to heal from the loss. Everyone grieves and heals in their own way so it's important to allow people to be in their process and not pressure them to "get on with life."

There are different ways to relieve the pain. When a loved one is lost by the hands of a nursing home, a lot of negative feelings can surface. Many people feel responsible for not stopping the nursing home from neglecting their loved one, but this can be difficult when questions are not answered and other irregularities occur. It is is suspected that a nursing home has or is neglecting a loved one, it is possible to learn more about it to either save a life or to right a heinous wrong. Fighting injustice and preventing future deaths can help ease the pain of losing a loved one to neglect.

In the instance a friend or family member lost a battle to cancer or other condition, taking up a cause to help research and funding both helps to grieve and save others' lives. In the loved one's memory, there is healing. Carry on their legacy with by wearing a shirt with their picture or a pin with their name. Share their story with others and let them know you support their fight to live. In this way, the loved one is honored.

In much the same way a person can honor a deceased loved one, they can carry on their legacy. If the loved one had a garden, continue to water, and care for that garden. If the loved one helped out a group, step in and continue their work. In this way, they loved one lives on.

Be open and honest with feelings. Allow for grieving. Don't brush it off or bury it. Facing the pain allows it to release. Use anything that helps to release the pain, such as music, art, talking, exercise, movies or journaling. It may be difficult to get past the pain, but it is not impossible. Allow healing to come when it does. Do not force it. Allowing oneself to be in one's individual process is vital to fully healing.

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