Friday, July 4, 2014

“Thanks, I Just Got It” — What to Place in Your Conservatory This Summer

If you're lucky enough to have a conservatory, keep the latest trends in mind when giving it a touch of new life. This is a haven in your home, so you need to think about your conservatory furniture and decor to fully achieve that much needed rest and relaxation. That being said, prominent colors are becoming more prevalent, stepping away from the traditional look and feel of a conservatory.

Making your conservatory colored creatively
White and beige tones are the classic choices, creating a sense of calm and tranquility, but the trend is now taking a turn towards darker, more dramatic tones. To avoid having the conservatory appear too moody, which goes against the purpose of the room, you should still use white as the base color. Dark shades work very well as accents against a white background; purples, navy blue and grays are the colors of choice in 2014.

Choosing furniture
2014 has seen a rise in re-purposed materials, including furniture. For instance, old chairs, cupboards and tables can be sanded down and then given a touch of shabby chic. These don't have to be painted simply white, but can go with the overall choice of color in the conservatory.

Nothing too modern should be incorporated into your retreat. Stick to cottage ~ or country-style furniture, reworked or not, since you must also distinguish the conservatory and its contents from the rest of the home, emphasizing the separation that the room represents. This doesn't mean that the new furniture can't be purchased (it's the style that counts.) If you're buying in new, go with the trend of paying a little bit more for higher quality items. That's not because spending more is suddenly all the rage, but rather because these pieces of furniture will last longer. You'll also be sticking to the environmental awareness represented in reworked items.

Laying the final touches
If you want to add some more highlights to your conservatory, consider new cushion covers. Floral prints both in traditional style or with a modern touch, are very popular this year. Cushions and other fabrics can add that little bit more that would otherwise be missing, completing the new look of a conservatory. However, only add these to furniture that they compliment, such as wicker chairs; don't force a style upon your conservatory if it does not have the base to allow this.

When finished, your conservatory should still fulfill its purpose, which is to offer a room within your home where you can wind down, away from technology and the stress of daily life. Only follow a trend if you know that you'll feel comfortable with it. What works for some might not work for you.

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