Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Everyone Needs a Toolbox!

Toolboxes are must haves for people who even only occasionally do odd jobs around the house. Nothing is better than keeping needed tools in good order, and the very best toolboxes, like those sold by companies like are very nearly indestructible.

Toolboxes aren't just boxes that are kept on a shelf in the garage or the work shed, though there are portable boxes that can be filled with needed tools and taken to a work site, either to perform an outside job or to fix an appliance in the home. These boxes are often red or orange and open into cantilevered spaces that allow more room for tools. Others have removable internal trays or two or three sliding drawers.

A pit box gets its name because it's used to provide the tools for working on a race car that's taking a pit stop, but it can't be brought anywhere. It's a chest with multiple drawers and side compartments that's pulled around on a cart with pneumatic tires, a long handle and disc brakes that lock when the box is fully loaded.

Another type of toolbox is a combination set. These toolboxes have a drawer top chest and a bottom cabinet with rollers so they can be easily moved around the workspace. The chests often come with ball bearing sliding drawers, sturdy metal drawer pulls and are powder coated to resist scratching and corrosion.

Intermediate chests are somewhat smaller than the full-size chests that come with the combination set. They are meant to fit on a shelf or lie stacked on another chest or on a rolling bottom cabinet. Like other tool chests, they can be locked shut, are often made of welded steel and often have side handles so they can be easily moved. They sometimes have rubber feet to keep them steady when they're put down and some have decorative tread plate on the drawers.

A road tool box is compact enough to be put in the trunk of the car or in a truck bed to hold the tools that are needed on a remote job site and has two side handles that have plastic grips so it can be picked up and held securely. Because it might have to travel over bumpy terrain, when the lid is locked it also locks the box's top tray, which prevents the other drawers from sliding open.

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