Thursday, July 3, 2014

Enough: 10 Things We Should Be Telling Teenage Girls #Book #Giveaway

All of us have teenage girls in our lives that we care about...maybe she's your daughter, sister, niece, friend or maybe a neighbor. I personally have two daughters, ages 20 and 18 and have gone through some rough teenage years with both of them from time to time. I know from experience, being a teenage girl can be difficult and very confusing at times, but it doesn't need to be disastrous. 

Author, Kate Connor has written a book based on a blog post that she wrote called Enough: 10 Things You Should Be Telling Teenage Girls. In this publication, she has identified ten things that every teenage girl needs to hear from someone who loves and cares about her. Kate touches upon real issues for teenage girls today like Facebook, tanning beds, modesty and drama...all things that play an important role in the lives of young girls but things that they don't quite understand like an adult understands.

Talking to a teenager, whether they be a boy or girl isn't always the easiest thing to do and most of the time they think we as adults don't know much of anything. This book is peppered with with and laced with grace. Just enough to help you speak your teenagers "language" and hope that maybe she will truly hear what you are saying and recognize that you are speaking from your heart with experience and wisdom. 

Without giving away the entire book, below are a few words from Kate's blog post:
  1. If you choose to wear shirts that show off your boobs, you will attract boys. To be more specific, you will attract the kind of boys that like to look down girls' shirts. If you want to date a guy who likes to look at other girls' boobs and chase skirts, then great job; keep it up. If you don't want to date a guy who ogles at the breasts of other women then maybe you should stop offering your own breasts up for the ogling. All attention is not equal. You think you want attention, but you don't. You want respect. All attention is not equal.
  2. Don't go to the tanning bed. You'll thank me when you go to your high school reunion and you look like you've been airbrushed and then photoshopped compared to the tanning bed train wrecks formerly known as classmates ~ well at least next to the ones that haven't died from skin cancer.

I fully recommend not only Kate Connor's new book, but also that your read her blog post

You can pre-order Enough: 10 Things We Should Be Telling Teenage Girls HERE!

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