Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Trends in Work Clothes: Hot New Trend or Change in Fashion Climate?

Chic comfort is making a big comeback into the professional office wear world. Certain brands have made comfortablebut interesting clothing and accessories accessible to those seeking a more breathable outfit for their sometimes-tense work zone. There is a fine line, however, between looking too underdressed or overdressed for the workplace.

The latest trend for office comfort wear includes something called the “Executive Hoodie.”  It is essentially a pinstriped blazer-like jacket that has a hood. The clothing company Betabrand specializes in creating clothing that delivers a relaxed feel, mixed with a professional look—inspired by the casual styles of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The trick with pulling this look off is to try to aim for a style between not too tailored, yet not too baggy.

TheExecutive Hoodie is made from superfine wool, which is the same material found in many different high fashions and expensive clothing boutiques for men. The garment is easy to find on the Betabrand website, and costs $168. Pretty affordable for something that you’ll probably get hooked on! Combining comfort and style is something women have been trying to master for years, and it’s exciting that men are now entertaining the thought via new styles.

It looks like casual men’s wear that has a sporty hybrid workday look is on the rise. The best part about it may just be that women are really into the look. It’s nice to see something that men and women can finally agree on! Naturally, the Executive Hoodie is probably not the right wardrobe choice for that big presentation or when representing your company at an expo, but for everyday wear, it’s probably an acceptable option unless you work in an extremely formal environment.

Though Betabrand is a start-up clothing company, they really seem to be off to a great start. With its innovative style, designs, and concepts, people are turning their heads to see what it’s all really about. The cool thing about something like the Executive Hoodie is that while you look professional for your work day, it’s casual enough that you can meet up for drinks after work or head to the girlfriend’s house for dinner straight from the office.

Hey, if Mark Zuckerberg canpull it off, so can we! It’s a revolutionary concept to make office wear as comfortable as the clothes you’d wear at home or to the gym. Men (and women) shouldn’t have to sacrifice their comfort to wear their work attire. Even with your office’s dress code policies, you can slip in some of the latest fashion trends easily with products like the Executive Hoodie.

It can be difficult to track down relaxed men’s professional clothing. That’s why we think Betabrand is really onto something by offering the world a brand new concept in clothing. Melding together coziness with sophistication is something all of us who work in an office atmosphere have been craving. Though Betabrand calls its new clothing line “novelty apparel,” we do believe it’s going to become something that is going to stick around, perhaps longer than any fashion forecasters could have anticipated. 

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