Friday, June 27, 2014 has Mobile #Medical Units to Fit Many Needs

It is crucial for medical care to reach as many individuals as possible, especially in rural areas where facilities may be miles away. This is now possible with vehicles that are mobile and can travel to a number of locations, bringing health care to those who need it the most. has unites that can provide a number of services, such as mammography, lab work, dental care, blood collection, and community health clinics. These mobile medical units are commercial-grade and have been designed to travel distances in order to reach out to more communities in need of medical care. A vehicle can be built to fit whatever specific requirements have to be met.
The use of a mobile unit for the purpose of traveling to different locations ensures that individuals who may not have been able to obtain necessary care can now do so. It is a wonderful way to provide health care options to a greater number of people. These heavy-duty units allow medical facilities that are located in specific areas to spread their health care benefits to a wider range of recipients. 

Mobile units can be used in a number of ways, providing such services as asthma testing, vision screening, prenatal screening, audiology and cardiology testing, mammography, blood collection, laboratory research, bone density testing, school-based health programs and sports physicals, among many other uses.

The mobile units supplied by are constructed to last. Each vehicle consists of a one-piece roof, windows for brightness, a diesel engine for longevity, indoor and undercarriage storage, LED lighting, a rear camera for ease in parking and passing other vehicles, a ducted AC and heating system, and heavy duty wheels, axles and tires. Other features can be found that will ensure every vehicle will hold up to the test of time and provide excellent reliability and performance.

The very first mobile unit built by LifeLineMobile is still operating on the road 27 years later, which attests to the fact that these vehicles have been constructed to last and can be depended on to provide top-of-the-line service. They are the best option for medical personnel who are concerned about reaching as many individuals as possible with important health programs, screening and diagnostic tests.

LifeLine units are operating in over 20 countries. Health care professionals trust these vehicles to be the best of their kind, providing years of high performance through state-of-the-art construction.

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