Sunday, May 25, 2014

Professional Gifts for the Stylish and Modern Man! #FathersDay

Today's modern man understands the importance of first impressions when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Polished leather shoes, a crisp suit, a clean desk and stylish briefcase all send a professional and trustworthy message to potential clients and current investors. Whether you are purchasing a professional gift to celebrate a friend or family member's big promotion or buying for the holidays, a classy business-oriented gift will be well received. 

Traditional gifts like engraved fountain pens and pebbled leather desk sets are both sleek and functional items that the recipient will use on a daily basis. A great timepiece in a sleek silver or gold finish complements a professional business suit perfectly and will keep him on time for meetings with clients in a fashionable way. 

If he does a lot of business-related travel or spends a lot of time on an airplane, nothing screams sophistication and confidence more than a supple leather briefcase, laptop bag or carry-on luggage weekender. A luxurious leather travel bag will see him through years of extensive travel and keep him feeling organized and simultaneously looking professional as he jets from city to city meeting with clients.

While a great leather travel bag may be in the higher end of the price spectrum when it comes to presents, it is a gift he will surely treasure and use forever. When shopping for the perfect leather travel bag, consider his personality, travel needs, occupation and sense of personal style. If he prefers hands-free travel accessories, a sturdy leather backpack may be the ideal choice. A file folder briefcase is perfect for traveling doctors, salesmen and attorneys. They can extract files and documents in seconds with a divided organizer bag. 

A carry-on bag with front pockets is perfect for the man who carries business cards and sample materials to hand out to prospective customers. A leather laptop sleeve or pouch is idea for the man who makes frequent day trips to present slideshow presentations to corporate executives.

When shopping for a leather travel bag online, quality is key. Leather is made from various grades, and the stitching quality can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Properly Caring for Your Leather Items
If you have recently acquired a leather briefcase, men’s leather satchel or laptop bag, you may be surprised that there are some recommended steps for taking proper care of your leather item.  If your leather item was a gift, you may not realize the cost of the item and therefore not understand that an item made from leather is really seen as an investment.  Because the item is worth a great deal, it is highly recommended that you properly condition and care for the leather in order to keep it looking great for years to come.  Below are five steps that will help you learn how to properly care for your leather item.
1. Understand the Different Types of Leather
It is best to understand what type of leather your item is composed of in order to properly care for it.  There are generally five types of leather available including full-grain, top-grain, corrected-grain, split and bonded leather.  Here is some basic information about each type of leather:
·         Full-grain – this type of leather includes products that have been made from animal hides that have not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections.  Because the leather has not been sanded, the grain remains which results in better fiber strength and durability.  High-quality leather items are commonly made from full-grain leather. 
·         Top-grain – this is the most popular type of leather available and it is second in quality to full-grain leather.  It is thinner and more pliable than full-grain and has a plastic feel.  It is also less expensive and offers better resistance to stains than full-grain.
·         Corrected-grain – this type of leather is typically used to make pigmented leather that helps hide deficiencies.  Corrected grain has had a man-made grain applied to the surface.
·         Split-grain – this type of leather is made from the remaining part of the hide after the top-grain has been separated.  Split-grain leather has a synthetic layer applied to the surface.  Split leather is also used to make suede.
·         Bonded – this type of leather is the least expensive as it is made from the leftover leather and bonded together with a binding agent on top of a fiber sheet.
2. Cleaning the Leather
Once you understand what type of leather your item is made of, you can begin to know how to properly clean it.  Most high-quality leather items will come with specific leather cleaning recommendations and the manufacturer should instruct you on how to care for your investment.  In general, it is advised to gently wipe your leather item every other day with a dry cloth to remove dust.  After wiping, apply the leather cleaner recommended. 
3. Conditioning the Leather
In addition to cleaning the leather, some manufacturers recommend conditioning the leather in order to keep it moistened over time.  Proper conditioning will help prevent wrinkling on your leather items.
4. Storage Tips
It is advised to rotate the use of your leather items in order to prevent excessive wear and tear.  When storing a leather item, be sure to place it in the original dustbag and try to place it so it can maintain the proper shape.  Remember to air your item out every week or so to help prevent moisture and stop the growth of mold. 

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