Thursday, May 1, 2014

Celebrate #Mom with the best meal of the week ~ Brunch! #MothersDay

After a long week filled with late nights, never ending to-do-lists and countless obligations, Mom deserves something special. Why not celebrate Mom with the best meal of the week ~ Brunch!

This Mother's Day, take time to toast to the hardest working woman around with these awesome springtime sips that make it a toast with style!

Is Mom a margarita fan? If so, opt for new Skinnygirl Sweet'arita and Skinnygilr Sparkling Margarita ~ these fun twists on the classic margarita are ready to serve so even on her day off, even Mom can open...pour over ice and ENJOY!

Brunch Time Bloody Mary
  • 2 parts Skinnygirl Meyer Lemon Vodka
  • 2 parts low-sodium tomato juice
  • Splash of fresh lemon juice
  • Squeeze of fresh lime juice
  • Dash of Worcestershire sauce (to taste)
  • Dash of hot sauce
  • Sprinkle of celery salt
  • Cucumber to garnish
Preparation: Shake ingredients well in a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a glass. Garnish with cucumber wheel.

  • 1 part Skinnygirl Prosecco
  • 1 part Light Rum
  • 1 tsp. agave nectar
  • 3 parts lime juice
  • Splash of lime flavored sparkling water
  • 3 sprigs of mint
Preparation: Shake rum, lemon juice and agave nectar in cocktail shaker with ice. Top with Skinnygirl Prosecco and pour into tall Collins glass. Muddle in mint leaves and enjoy!

Sunday Sipper
  • 1 1/2 part Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka
  • 6 parts orange juice
  • Orange slice for garnish
Preparation: Add Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka in ice-filled glass and top with orange juice. Garnish with an orange slice.

Blissful Bellini
  • 3 parts Skinnygirl Prosecco
  • 2 parts peach puree
Preparation: Place ingredients in blender and blend on high until smooth. Pour into a flute glass and enjoy!

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