Friday, April 11, 2014

To Blog or Not to Blog? There is no Question!

I've been blogging for over two years and what started out as a passion for coupons has turned into a dream job. I couldn't ask for anything better than to work at home, doing something that I absolutely LOVE and being compensated for what I'm doing.

I'm sure I'm like other Bloggers who get hassled by friends and family about their "job." Sometimes it's all in fun, but other times the remarks are a little bit offensive to me considering that I consider blogging a job, although not a conventional job. My hours are flexible, my pay is not already determined but I am able to work around my household needs, my family's needs and my own personal situations. If I'm sick or have an appointment, I don't need to call in sick...I'm already home! How cool is that?

This type of job is not for everyone, that's for sure. It takes someone who loves social media, loves working on the computer, networking with fans, other bloggers and various public relations people, but it's definitely the job for me!

Thanks for reading and allowing me to "vent!"


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