Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm sharing and earning with ADVOWIRE and @HireInfluence

I spend a large percentage of my time on my social media sites...Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc..so when I discovered AdvoWire and that I could actually earn just by sharing posts on my social media outlets, I was definitely interested. 

I signed up and began sharing right away. It's super easy and I'm was able to reach the pay-out amount within just a short time. Who wouldn't LOVE that? 

AdvoWire offers promoters and advocates (like me!) the opportunity to reach out and connect through social media. As an advocate, I'm able to share with my followers many great opportunities and promoters are able to extend their reach to those interested in their specialties. 

Turn your social media influence into income by sharing sponsored content just like I did! It's easy!

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