Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Can #Hypnosis Help You?

Hypnosis isn't and shouldn't be, that old trope from the movies where a dishonest character swings a pocket watch in front of the eyes of an unaware protagonist. Instead, hypnosis is a way of making suggestions to your mind so that you can meet a desired goal, deal with a deep seated fear, address anxiety, depression. low self-esteem, guilt, allergies, chronic fatigue and other issues.

What Hypnosis is NOT: 
Hypnosis does not remove free will. You aren't asleep when you are hypnotized. Hypnosis isn't supposed to be a way of making you do something against your will, like remove documents from your boss' office safe. 

For those who are worried about the occult or religion, hypnosis doesn't go against your faith and it has nothing to do with the occult. Most of all, hypnosis isn't a tool that allows another person to take over your mind over. Hypnosis doesn't dominate you or allow you to dominate someone else.

About Medical Hypnosis:
Three levels of hypnosis are possible: Self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis.
  • Self-hypnosis means that you relax yourself and focus your mind on a positive statement. You can use this to help improve your study skills, reduce stress, relax and improve your ability to concentrate. A certified hypnotherapist should teach you this skill.
  • Hypnotherapy is the process of learning to use the power of your mind to break undesired habits such as nail-biting or smoking. It's also effective in managing stress levels, becoming comfortable with public speaking and sports performance. Students can use hypnotherapy to help themselves improve their academic performance. Doctors have referred patients to hypnotherapy for pain relief and management.
  • Hypnoanalysis is the most advanced therapeutic hypnosis. When you undergo this type of hypnosis, you begin to deal with the cause of the problem you are experiencing. To learn more about hypnoanalysis, click here. When a hypnotherapist works with you, he uses hypnosis and hypnotherapy along with other therapeutic tools to address the cause of your problem. 
How Medical Hypnosis Can Help:
If you are suffering from a pain condition or an emotional issue, medical hypnosis (hypnoanalysis) can help you address the cause of your issue. If, for instance, you are experiencing panic symptoms, you therapist will use hypnosis to learn the cause of your problem. when he knows what caused your disorder, he will help you interpret the event in a different way. Medical hypnosis can help you live a happier, more satisfying life.

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