Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get Inspired with Yoga Apparel and Accessories from Karmic Fit! #Yoga

Getting fit and healthy seems to be on every one's mind these days. I have entered the new year with a brand new attitude regarding my health and an eagerness to get my body into better shape as well. Part of getting into shape is having the the appropriate attire so that one can exercise in comfort and with apparel that fits the activity.

I received a pair of yoga pants from Karmic Fit for review and chose the "Asana" fold-over black Capri yoga pants by Jala. I've never owned a pair of yoga pants with the "fold-over" but now that I've worn them for over a week, I absolutely love them! The name "Asana" means body position, and these pants are ideal for yoga, although super comfortable for any for of exercise. The fabric is stretchy so that I'm able to attempt any yoga position with complete comfort. The fitted shirring on the legs add a cute and stylish touch to the pants and the gathered fold-over waist can be rolled down as a skirt, covering any areas that I may not be keen about showing off just yet! 

Product Details:
  • Knit cotton yoga Capri's with gathered fold-over waist
  • Inseam 21"
  • Fabric: 92% cotton and 8% spandex
  • Sizes available: S (2-4), M (6-8) L (10-12) XL (14-16)
  • Colors available: black, green or purple
  • Care: Wash by hand or on gentle cycle, low heat or lay flat to dry
  • Made in the USA
Karmic Fit offers a large variety of yoga apparel and accessories for women and men as well including yoga bottoms, tops, jackets, sports bras and even bags and Eco-friendly products.. Everything you need can be found in one place and from brands worldwide. I definitely feel great in these yoga Capri's and will keep Karmic Fit in mind for my next yoga apparel purchase. 

If you need one more reason to check out Karmic Fit, they believe strongly in giving back to society. That's right! Karmic Fit donates 10% of their profits to charities from around the world.

Visit the Karmic Fit website for all of your yoga apparel and accessories.

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Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. I love the black capris...I'm always looking for a comfy pair of yoga pants, so I'll definitely check out Karmic Fit. Thanks Mel!

    Chelly B.


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