Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do uniforms really make a difference to you as the #customer?

Many industries require employees to wear uniforms of a particular style and color. According to a study conducted by a major marketing information service, customers are more inclined to do business with an employee who is in uniform. The appeal of a uniformed employee is they are perceived as more professional and proficient at their job with a higher level of competence.

A business uniform creates an image for the business, much like a logo or motto. A uniform also promotes the company brand and differentiates the company from the competition. A uniform is like a walking business card or billboard when the employee is out in public. an employee uniform identifies company representatives who can be approached regarding purchasing information, and that helps to upgrade customer service.

A uniform is also functional, as well as practical. Safety can be incorporated into the design and material. A uniform can be flame retardant to protect the employee from injuries caused by accidental flash fires or electrical arc flashes. Material can also be used that is chemical resistant in the event of a spill and protect the employee from burns to the skin. A high visibility uniform is essential to protect employees from being struck by vehicles while working in any kind of traffic area. Another safety feature built in to a uniform is the ability to dissipate static electricity to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.

A benefit of an employee uniform is to identify who may have authorization to be in  specific work areas. This provides an improved level of security and employee location management. A work uniform will help promote company pride and create team spirit, as well as allowing employees to save money on work clothes. If the uniform is part of a rental program, the employee may also save on laundering time and expense. 

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