Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Take Control of your Bills!

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The average person has several bills to pay every month and most of us pay our bills online to save time. Wouldn't it be easier if you could pay all of your bills in one place and avoid jumping from website to website. After all, we're all busy and finding shortcuts would be awesome!

With you can save time and money and still get the job done! Evolve Money is an online and mobile bill payment app that makes it fast, easy and affordable to pay your bills. Creating an account is super user name and password to remember. Not only does this simplify the login process, but it also reduces the risk of having so many online accounts containing your financial details.

Share your most special #Mother-Daughter moment with #MAM USA! @mambaby #Giveaway

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With Mother's Day right around the corner, we have an opportunity to share your most special Mother ~ Daughter moment with MAM USA and enter to win prizes valued at $200!!

Check out the MAM USA Facebook page to enter! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Say Happy Mother's Day with a Teleflora Bouquet! #Giveaway

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Mother's Day is a very special day of the year...a day that we show Mom just how much she means to us and how much she is loved.

The gorgeous Butterfly Serenity Bouquet is the one that I chose for my Mom this year. This beautiful arrangement has purple roses, delicate purple alstroemeria and happy yellow daisies, all in a charming ceramic butterfly mug. This bouquet is not only perfect for Mother's Day is the one that I chose for my Mom this year. This beautiful arrangement has purple roses, delicate purple alstroemeria and happy yellow daisies, all in a charming ceramic butterfly mug. This bouquet is not only perfect for Mother's Day, but reminds me of Springtime...I love it and I know my Mother will as well.

I'm sharing and earning with ADVOWIRE and @HireInfluence

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I spend a large percentage of my time on my social media sites...Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, when I discovered AdvoWire and that I could actually earn just by sharing posts on my social media outlets, I was definitely interested. 

I signed up and began sharing right away. It's super easy and I'm was able to reach the pay-out amount within just a short time. Who wouldn't LOVE that? 

Enjoy walking your #Dog with iLeesh! #Giveaway @iLeesh1

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Anyone who reads my blog knows that I absolutely love my three awesome Chihuahuas! I've only been a "dog person" for a little over a year, but there's no way I could do with out my three furbabies and now to make if even better, my Minnie has just had three puppies. Exciting!!

I received a bunch of goodies from iLeesh for review which was great...product to try out with my pups is always a plus! 

Emjoi's Micro-Pedi Nano is the answer for beautiful #FEET!

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As Spring turns the corner and Summer follows closely behind it's time to shuck off our winter shoes and socks and finally have the opportunity to slip into our beloved sandals, flip flops or even walk barefoot through the sand or back yard.

The ultimate accompaniment to any meal ~ Ozeri Electric Pepper Mill & Grinder!

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I love any sort of kitchen gadget or product, especially one that is so very useful! 

I received the Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder from Ozeri for review and my husband and I were very excited because we love kitchen supplies and we have wanted to get a pepper mill for quite some time. As soon as I knew it was being shipped, I bought the pepper so that we would be ready to go once it was here. When the pepper mill arrived, we opened it up and began using it right way with our dinner. It was super easy to fill with pepper and put back together and let's just say we LOVE it! 

5 Effective #Acne Treatments You Can Do At Home!

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No matter what type of skin we have, there are two skin care regimen that should stay intact-- cleanse and moisturize. For an acne prone skin, you also need to include an acne treatment in your regimen.

Acne, just the sound of it makes all women cringe. Almost all women have suffered from this skin condition at one point of their lives. If you haven't, well, you are certainly blessed! For us who have been a victim of the dreaded acne, we have already looked far and wide for the perfect treatment that can help us get rid of this condition. Sadly, having a clear skin is not that easy. In fact, most of us must have already spent thousands of dollars for skin care products that have no effect on us. If you are already tired of spending money but you fail to see any change in your skin, good news!

Get away from it all with the #Coach Floral Print Swingpack Handbag #Giveaway!

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coach handbag giveaway

Welcome to the Coach Floral Print Swingpack Handbag Giveaway 

This bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love the unique color scheme and design, and it's casual enough to use on a daily basis. This bag is definitely worth entering the giveaway for so Good Luck Everyone! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Take care of your skin with Pretty Mommies Skin Care! #Giveaway

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Welcome to Pretty Mommies Giveaway!

Hosted by Life of a Mad Typer & Sponsored by Pretty Mommies

All Moms need to take care of their skin, but pregnant Moms have a special reason to pamper themselves. 

Gorgeous ~ @PatternLA Leather Tote #Giveaway!

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How many of you prefer a large purse or maybe use a tote bag as a purse? I do! For some reason, I have never been able to use a small purse...I've attempted to and have found myself with an overstuffed bag and not able to locate anything that I needed. How frustrating!

I recently received a gorgeous bag from Pattern LA, the Pattern Signature Die Cut Leather Bag. This exquisite bag is an open tote in soft pebble leather featuring the signature Pattern LA laser-cut logo design. The classic shape and upscale finish create a timeless elegance and endless versatility that is also very chic and trendy. If I had to describe this bag in one word, I would simply say "gorgeous!"

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Amazing #Spider-Man 2 Family Discussion Guide is AMAZING!! #Giveaway @SpiderManMovie

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Are you a Spider-Man fan? My family has always loved Spider-Man and all of the other superheros and cannot wait for The Amazing Spider Man 2 to be in theaters on May 2nd!

The movies are excellent, but have you ever sat down as a family and discussed the life lessons relevant to the movies? How about in a way that is Biblical and how it applies to our everyday lives? That is precisely what The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Family Discussion Guide is all about!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

What would you rather be doing? #SpringCleaning

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Springtime is awesome and the weather is a welcome change to the cold and dreary winter months, but along with this gorgeous weather comes spring cleaning. Ugh! Instead of cleaning, take a day or two and do what you love! Dive into a spring adventure! 

Thank you Shari's Berries for sharing this awesome Springtime Infograph!

Let the Beatrix Girls Rock Your World! #Giveaway

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Who are the Beatrix Girls? 

If you're asking yourself that question, then you need to get to know them! These adorable dolls are awesome for any young girl. They are super cute and trendy and a new generation of role models for the little girls in our lives.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Wear & Share a little Happiness with @Wishbone Shoes! #Giveaway

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I live in Texas and because my Texas weather is so unpredictable, I am able to wear flip flops year round with the exception of a few days here and there during the winter months. I absolutely love flip flops in a variety of colors and styles, so when I was able to review a pair of flip flops from Wishbones I was super excited! 

In addition to receiving an awesome pair of shoes, Wishbones gives back to those in need by donating one pair of Wishbones shoes to someone on your behalf with every purchase. Basically, when you choose Wishbones shoes, you are choosing more than just a pair of shoes, you are choosing to help millions of children who don't know the comfort of owning a great pair of shoes like most of us do. I think that's truly amazing as you can see below!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our spring fever is in full force – just in time for #Arbor Day! #Recipe

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On April 25th, celebrate your green thumb by planting seeds for your favorite sprint trees!

If you're not much of a gardener, you can still pay homage to Arbor Day by sipping on my sweet spring-themed drinks!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Choose the perfect #Wedding Dress for your Special Day!

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Many women dream of their perfect wedding from the time they're little girls, and it's likely that no other wedding detail is more fantasized about than the wedding gown. It's the symbol of that big day and shining moment. The idea of being princess for a day is appealing, and you're likely very excited about shopping for your dream dress. Consider these wedding dress silhouettes that are flattering for plus size frames to help guide your shopping experience.

Channeling Your Inner Germophobic & Making More Happen! #GermFreeWithStaples #Giveaway

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Whether it's flu season or spring cleaning, germs are everywhere and especially in places that we don't want them to be. I find that it's better to be safe than sorry, so I tend to be a bit Germophobic at times and go nuts keeping my home and family clean and free from germs.

I received a kit containing some really awesome cleaning supplies from Staples for review. The kit included everyday items that I normally use to keep my house clean and fresh with a few added bonus items!

How Can #Hypnosis Help You?

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Hypnosis isn't and shouldn't be, that old trope from the movies where a dishonest character swings a pocket watch in front of the eyes of an unaware protagonist. Instead, hypnosis is a way of making suggestions to your mind so that you can meet a desired goal, deal with a deep seated fear, address anxiety, depression. low self-esteem, guilt, allergies, chronic fatigue and other issues.

What Hypnosis is NOT: 
Hypnosis does not remove free will. You aren't asleep when you are hypnotized. Hypnosis isn't supposed to be a way of making you do something against your will, like remove documents from your boss' office safe. 

For those who are worried about the occult or religion, hypnosis doesn't go against your faith and it has nothing to do with the occult. Most of all, hypnosis isn't a tool that allows another person to take over your mind over. Hypnosis doesn't dominate you or allow you to dominate someone else.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get Inspired with Yoga Apparel and Accessories from Karmic Fit! #Yoga

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Getting fit and healthy seems to be on every one's mind these days. I have entered the new year with a brand new attitude regarding my health and an eagerness to get my body into better shape as well. Part of getting into shape is having the the appropriate attire so that one can exercise in comfort and with apparel that fits the activity.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Toast to Earth Day with Nature-Inspired Cocktails‏! #EarthDay

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It's all about celebrating nature's beauty o Earth Day, and what better way than with cocktails that feature Earth's fresh ingredients of lime, mint and cucumber (Yummy!)

As you reduce, reuse and recycle on April 22nd, toast to going green with these nature-inspired drinks!

Exceptional and Organic Skin Care and Sun Protection from SOLEIL TOUJOURS! @SoleilToujours1 @brandbacker

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Summer is nearing and it's time to start thinking about protecting your skin from the harmful rays and sun exposure that cause among other things...premature aging. I love to be out in the sun, but do not necessarily like the effects that follow concerning my skin.

Soleil Toujours presents a luxurious new paradigm in anti-aging and beautifying skin care by starting with sun protection as the foundation for skin's optimal health and appearance. With refined textures, delicate natural fragrances and a modern and elegant brand aesthetic, Soleil Toujours delivers effective and safe skin protection, superior anti-aging and corrective benefits, all with a key focus on mineral based sunscreen.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Win this awesome Cubbie from @HomeBins! #Giveaway

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Supremely Divine Life is receiving compensation for hosting this giveaway.

 Welcome to the Entry Way Cubbie Shelf Giveaway!!!

Sponsored By:

Celebrate Spring with the Scents of Frebreze! #FrebrezeSpring

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This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and Febreze. All opinions are my own.

Spring is here and so are the wonderful scents that come along with the season! As a child I have always love the feel of Spring, especially because I grew up in Pennsylvania, so by the time winter was over, I was more than ready for the sun and warm weather. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do uniforms really make a difference to you as the #customer?

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Many industries require employees to wear uniforms of a particular style and color. According to a study conducted by a major marketing information service, customers are more inclined to do business with an employee who is in uniform. The appeal of a uniformed employee is they are perceived as more professional and proficient at their job with a higher level of competence.

#Summer basketball camp just got WAY more fun!

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Does your child LOVE Basketball and need something awesome to do this summer? Check into the Globetrotters Summer Basketball Clinics! 

Click HERE for more information.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Energy & Increased Metabolism for a Healthy Thyroid! #Review

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I've had thyroid issues for years, since I was seventeen years old. I've endured an over-active thyroid and now the dreaded under-active thyroid. In 2009 my thyroid was completely removed due to the presence of thyroid cancer, so as you can imagine, my metabolism is virtually zilch!

I recently had the opportunity to review a product from LES Labs for Thyroid Support. Although I do take my prescription medications on a daily basis, my symptoms have not subsided and my doctors are just as baffled as I am, so we all were in agreement that this supplement was completely safe and I should give it a try. 

Surprise your Family with Gourmet Selects by StarKist! #Recipe

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Do you ever wish that you had some new and interesting ideas for dinner? Does your family crave something different? Are you bored with the same ole' same ole'? Every now and then I find myself stuck in a serious meal rut. It seems as if my family and I go through phases of eating the same, boring meals. Not that they aren't tasty, but a little variety would be awesome!

Take Your Pick Gift Card #Giveaway!

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gift card giveaway

Welcome to the $250 Winners Pick It Gift Card Giveaway

Giveaway is hosted by

What is your favorite place to shop? The choice is yours for this awesome giveaway! The winner will be able to choose a gift card from anywhere...Take your Pick!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Get ready for some spring cleaning with #DeviousMaids!

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I normally don't watch much television, but I must say even though my schedule is very busy, there are a handful of shows that catch my interest and that I certainly make time for watching.

Enjoy Pixar Easter Egg Hunt ~ #Disney Movies Anywhere!

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The clip below is from the Pixar Easter Egg Hunt...found exclusively in the Discover section on Disney Movies Anywhere! If you're not familiar with Disney Movies Anywhere, it's an all new cloud-based digital movie service.

Enjoy the all-new Pixar Easter Egg Challenge clip and see how may hidden gems you can find from your favorite Pixar films!

PicturesnGold for #Mother's Day! #Giveaway

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Give Mom something special this Mother's Day!

Sterling Silver 2 Picture Heart Locket

How about a personalized locket from Pictures n Gold...something that any mother will cherish forever and wear with love and pride.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Prize Candle #Giveaway ~ With 24 Winners!!

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prize candle giveaway

Welcome to the Awesome Prize Candle Giveaway!

Yepie, it's another fabulous giveaway where Jenns Blah Blah Blog and all her bloggy friends from around the web come together with one awesome sponsor for a fabulous giveaway!  This one is EXTRA special, because there will be 24 winners!  That is right, thanks to our sponsor 24 lucky people will win a Prize Candle! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Privacy Pop ~ The Perfect Little Indoor-Get-Away! #Giveaway

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Enter to #Win the Privacy Pop GiveawayEnter to #Win the Privacy Pop GiveawayEnter to #Win the Privacy Pop GiveawayEnter to WIN the Privacy Pop Sweepstakes

I can think of so many reasons to have the Privacy Pop! As a busy Mom, I would love to have a little space of my own, to read, relax, and just have some "me" time. My kids would also have a great time with this...what kid doesn't like a tent of any kind? Mine love to play in anything that looks like a tent, somewhere that they can hide and play! 

Jenns Blah Blah Blog and some of her amazing blogging friends have come together to offer one lucky person the chance to win a Privacy Pop ($159 value).  If you have not heard of the Privacy Pop yet, than be sure to head over to Jenns Blah Blah Blog and see how the Privacy Pop helps kids have fun sharing a bedroom.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

#Gun Shaped Ice Cubes? Yes, they really have them!

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Now you can make Gun Shaped Ice Cubes that pop out with ease...use as a mold for Jell-O, Candy, Chocolate and More!

from Amazon TODAY!

Only $3.59!!