Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Popular Trends in Sneakers for #Kids

When it comes to kids' sneakers, there are many popular trends happening now. For instance, sneakers in bright pastel colors are very popular with kids these days. They like the beautiful pinks, purples and blues that make a sneaker stand out in a crowd. For girls, the pastel colors on these sneakers go really well with a lot of dresses, shorts and skirts. Here are some other popular trends that are going on now in the realm of sneakers for kids.

A Variety of Colorful Laces
Many kids choose sneakers with laces that are opposite in color to the shoes. They like that extra element of creativity in their footwear. Alternatively, kids sometimes choose shoes in a particular color with laces in a lighter shade of the same color. Shoes with colorful laces can be paired with all sorts of fun outfits for school. They can also lend style to an outfit a kid wears to go out with friends or to an extracurricular activity. In short, laces are a detail that many kids pay attention to when selecting sneakers.

Velcro Fasteners
Velcro fasteners are another popular trend in sneakers for kids. Some kids like to slip on their shoes quickly and go! Velcro takes just a moment to fasten in a secure way. Oftentimes, kids who buy shoes with Velcro fasteners like the way they sound as well as the way they fit. If they want a pair of sneakers to wear during the summertime or just around the house, they often choose a sturdy pair with Velcro fasteners.

A Cartoon Theme
On of the most popular trends in sneakers for kids involves cartoon characters. Many kids like to choose a pair of sneakers that feature a beloved cartoon character. They may even buy socks to match their sneakers that display a character theme! The colors of these sneakers combined with the cartoon characters make them a favorite with kids who wear sneakers everyday.

A Classic Style
Finally, a growing trend in sneakers for kids is the high top style. This is an older style that is reappearing in today's sneakers for young people. Some kids like the appearance of the shoe. They look like basketball shoes! Other kids like the fit of the sneaker around their ankle. A kid doesn't have to play a sport to love these classic sneakers.

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  1. My kids love colorful sneakers and sneakers with velcro! It makes my life so much easier too.

    JoAnn Tyler
    Houston, Texas


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