Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Modify Watches are so much fun! They are vibrant, colorful and affordable time-pieces featuring mix-and-match face and straps. I received a watch from Modify Watches for review and I LOVE it! I chose the Rose Gold Chevron face and a grey strap (I actually received two straps...light grey and a darker grey!) This watch is awesome and so attractive.

There are countless custom combinations that you can put together to match your personality, style, outfit or occasion...the possibilities are endless! Right now Modify Watches is hosting a Kickstarter Campaign for custom made-to-order-watches. 

The awesome people at Modify Watches are trying to raise money to expand...expand for YOU! 
They want to raise $50,000 to help source materials, expand their space and hire locally to bring printing and assembly to the United States. This will be a HUGE shift for their business and they are asking for your generosity to help build the infrastructure and make their vision a reality. 
Are you still asking "What is a MOD Watch?
They are called MODs because they are modular and the mix-and-match faces and straps allow YOU to create any look you want. Use your imagination! Here are some ideas that fans have already submitted:
  • Drawings your kids did
  • Pictures of loved ones, pets...anyone!
  • Gifts for your start-up or bowling pals with team logo or name
  • Artwork you've created which you want to see on a new canvas
  • Private-Label Designs for your brand or retail store or resell
  • Commemorative imagery to capture a perfect moment in time (wedding, etc...)
  • Fundraising tools for non-profit organizations
  • Clever ideas like your face...on a watch face!!
  • Pretty much ANYTHING. (SS numbers, PIN numbers, Mother's maiden name are discouraged)
Just for our AWESOME readers....Modify Watches is offering 20% OFF now through March 31st!
Promo Code: ModifyRose

Visit the Modify Watches Kickstarter Campaign Page for more information or to help out!

Check out the Modify Watches website

Get social with Modify Watches

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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