Thursday, February 13, 2014

What are the Celebrities Up To on The Gossip Blog?

We all have fallen into the celebrity gossip trend at one time or another and why not? Sometimes, it feels good to escape out daily lives with work issues, kids, spouses and our finances and fill our minds with the lives of those that are out of our reach...celebrities. 

The Gossip Blog is the perfect online publication to get your daily dose of awesome celebrity news and gossip. The Gossip Blog is fairly new, as it was created in November of 2013 by those that also had a passion for celebrity news and gossip. The entertainment industry is full of life and exciting events that are populated with the most beautiful people on the planet. Their lives are filled with parties, cool cars, expensive clothes and now you can read all about it and see the most up to date photos of all of your favorite stars.
I must admit that I am a follower of several celebrities and would much rather read about their lives online then buy a magazine, which is quickly becoming an outdated version of reading material in my opinion. The feature that I love the most about The Gossip Blog is that the articles are well researched and original and the publication always names the sources behind their intriguing articles so you never need to wonder where it came from or who started the gossip.

I do have a favorite celebrity family...the Kardashians. I am a loyal follower of their television show and love to read the latest news concerning the members of their family. One of the recent stories on The Gossip Blog is about how the mother, Kris Jenner stays in shape these days by pole dancing. Kim Kardashian actually released a picture of her mother on the pole for her Woman Crush Wednesday photo. Check out the photo below and see how even after six children, Kris can still hold her own during an intense work-out. 

Although not unusual, Kim Kardashian is in the news again this week on The Gossip Blog. She is probably one of the most read about members of this famous family. Her next story centers around her upcoming marriage, honeymoon and the newest addition to her family, her daughter North. Apparently, rather than a summer wedding, Kim and her fiance, Kanye are planning a May wedding in Paris. Although little North will be included in the wedding ceremony and pre-wedding festivities, she will not go along on the Honeymoon, as Mom and Dad may need some alone time after this presumed, huge event. 

The best way to keep up with these stories and the entire Kardashian clan is to keep reading The Gossip Blog and don't be left out of the celebrity loop!

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