Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unwind into a Sound Sleep with Comfortaire!

The mattress is most likely one of the most important investments you will make when it comes to household furniture and products. With the recommended hours of sleep being between seven and nine hours for an adult, according to the National Sleep Foundation, a comfortable and quality mattress is definitely a necessity. A poor quality mattress will not only prevent the sleep needed to function properly the next day, but may also result in an aching body.

When choosing the perfect mattress, one much take into consideration more than simply the price tag. The construction of the mattress is vitally important and does reflect the quality of the mattress, while the comfort level is extremely important and can certainly vary from one person to the next. Therefore, when considering which mattress is the best choice, one that accommodates everyone who will be sleeping on it is always the best choice.

For those that are seeking back-pain relief or a solution to having trouble sleeping, a great choice is to buy a mattress from Comfortaire, the Original air bed company. For more than thirty years, Comfortaire has been manufacturing the most comfortable mattresses on the market, using air to provide adjustment support. Mattress support can make a tremendous difference for anyone who requires a certain level of support and as the body changes over the years and the level of support that is needed changes, a product that can transition with you is one that will last for years to come.

Adjustable beds from Comfortaire are not too hard and not too soft, they are just right! The reason that they are perfect for anyone is that they provide uniform, head to toe support. This is due to the air chambers that allow for even support at every pressure point, even critical areas such as the back. Anyone with a history of back ache problems will certainly testify to the relief of a great mattress and although an ordinary mattress may provide temporary comfort and support, the conventional mattress loses it's substance after a certain amount of time and use, resulting in reoccurring pain and discomfort and overall, money wasted on a mattress that can no longer be of use.

Ultimately, good sleep depends on certain key elements being support, posture and comfort. Comfortaire has taken this simple formula along with years of experience, research and feedback and used those things to step up as an innovative and industry leader in adjustable beds. Their patented design provides an independently adjustable surface, utilizing latex cotton air chambers. By using a single air layer to both provide support and regulate posture limits, this line of adjustable beds can't be beat. No other bedding company can compare to Comfortaire, nor compete with the sustained comfort and support of the unique Comfortaire products.

Exceptional comfort, quality construction and materials make Comfortaire beds not only the most durable and reliable adjustable beds you can buy, but this also that they are supported by a customer oriented, friendly and knowledgeable company that will stand behind every product made. 

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