Thursday, January 23, 2014

'Snake and Mongoo$e' Races Into Homes This Spring on Blu-ray and DVD!!

In nature, the snake and mongoose are the deadliest of enemies ~ genetically encoded to eternally fight to the death without mercy. Beginning in the 1960's, the nature of that dynamic was strategically and expertly applied to the historic rivalry between Don Prudhomme and Tome McEwen in the most unlikely of venues ~ a "minor" sport struggling for attention on dusty drag-racing stripes at tracks across the country. There, Prudhomme, the Snake, and McEwen, the Mongoo$e, did, in fact, compete aggressively for dominance in the nascent sport of drag racing. Racing aficionados probably know that much of the story by now.

The film also features archival National Hot Rod Association footage and consulting and producing expertise from the real-life Prudhomme and McEwen. It's based on the journalistic work of writer Alan Paradise, who documented the rivalry for years before taking on screenwriting chores.

The movie stunningly chronicles a vintage slice of American culture as it came to life, while simultaneously documenting in compelling and dramatic terms one of the deepest and longest lasting relationships in the history of sports.

As its core, "Snake & Mongoo$e" is a true and passionate story about the meaning of enduring friendship.

For more information on Snake & Mongoo$e click HERE

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