Saturday, January 18, 2014

NT-MAX Monthly Maintenance Packs by Newtechbio Review ~ Stack NT-MAX up against the competition!

From time to time, every household suffers from septic tank issues, some mild issues and some more serious. Homeowners can do something about septic system complaints by using NT-MAX on a regular basis. Consistent use will ensure that septic tank problems are completely resolved and that sludge and other nasty build-up will not return, by digesting and alleviating septic tank and drainage problems.

There is nothing more annoying than dealing with septic system problems so to avoid the hassle, remember to use NT-MAX monthly maintenance packs from Newtechbio for your septic tank treatments. Your family, neighbors and even your pets will thank you! 

Did you know that commercial grade bacterial enzyme septic treatment formulas were used to treat the Galapagos Island Oil Spill in 2001 and the Hurricane Katrina Spills of 2005? If a product like NT-MAX can handle that kind of mess, then your septic tank issues will be a breeze! Do you septic system a favor and keep up with your monthly maintenance with Newtechbio.


  1. Thanks. My husband and I always have problems with our septic and were looking for something to help.

    Joyce C.

  2. Some say that additives are not needed but that pertains to 1800's when the only thing going into septic type systems was bacteria rich human waste. These days, everything we do is 'anti-bacterial' so a strong septic tank treatment is crucial to keeping your system in good.


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