Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Go back in time with Old Time Candy this Valentine's Day!

Take a trip down memory lane with Old Time Candy!

Do you remember the candy that you loved as a child? Now you can enjoy that same sweet taste as an adult with Old Time Candy. This candy shop is filled with candy from several eras, which gives everyone the opportunity to re-live the good old days. 

Even if you don't remember the names of your favorite childhood treats, customers can search by "decade" and see everything that was once offered to children everywhere during that time. You may be surprised at the choices available and at what you may find! 

To help celebrate Valentine's Day, Old Time Candy is offering 10% site-wide savings through the end of February Use this Promo Code for 10% off: VALENTINE10

Visit Old Time Candy to get your favorite treats!

Get social with Old Time Candy

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  1. Wow I checked out their website and they have quite the selection!! This really takes me back!

  2. Wow that brought back memories of my youth. Thay have so many candies that you just can't find in the store. Good n plenty and clark bar. Yum

  3. They have Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones that I loved as a kid.


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