Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Funbites Review and Giveaway!

Hello again everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful new year!

I have been slammed with trying to get my Pampered Chef business stronger. They announced in December that our incentive trip for this year is to Disneyland. It is my dream to take the boys there, so I have been spending pretty much every waking minute trying to get bookings and get organized for the year. On top of that I have a part time job, and I am with the boys during the day when hubby is at work. I am exhausted! Needless to say, when I received an opportunity to review a product that might make my life a little easier, I jumped on it! Little r has always been the pickiest of eaters (plus he doesn't eat well because I cant get him off the bottle, but that's a whole other story). He just doesn't like to eat. He will eat if he can control the utensil, pick up the sippy on his own, etc. If I try to feed him something myself, I can just forget about it. Which is why I was SUPER excited to try this product called Funbites. Let me just tell you, I have a feeling it is about to change my life.
Oh come on, he is lucky he is so cute. He would be in a world of trouble if not.
It was PJ day in school today, so we all laid around in ours when he got home! And just in case you were wondering, I was supposed to put them together in the shape of a heart, like you will see in this

picture, I just got lazy ;-)

Seriously, these are so amazing and so stupid easy to use. Little r ended up eating almost half of a pb & j sandwich, when normally I would be lucky to get two bites down him. I cannot say enough good things about this product. All you have to do is pop out the top piece, press the piece with the handles down on whatever it is that you are cutting into, rock back and forth a few times, press the top piece back in and pop the pieces out. Genius!! It's even dishwasher safe. I really think I am in love. Sooooo, I am giving all our readers the chance to win one in a giveaway!!!! Just follow the rafflecopter below to enter to win. Can't wait until the giveaway is over to pick up your own? I will post a code here shortly that will allow our readers 20% off their purchase. Just click on the pic below to order one for yourself. Its perfect for your kiddos all the time, but especially with Valentine's Day right around the corner!!

Here is your 20% off code!!


Good luck!! Reviewed by: Sarah a Rafflecopter giveaway

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