Monday, January 27, 2014

Do you know what NOT to wear?

Knowing what not to wear can be just as important as knowing what to wear. Keep you eye all you want on the trending fashions, but you'll also need to know whats on the way out. Avoid style mistakes with this handy fashion guide to keep your great sense of style.

1. Hair Bows. They tried to be a thing for a little while, but the little girl look just doesn't work for most girls. You can maybe even get away with a small, elegant one, but the bigger the hair bow, the more juvenile it looks.

2. Bubblegum Pink Lip Color. Nicki Minaj's brightly-colored lipstick sparked a small trend that is, thankfully, dying out. There is no skin tone that looks good next to this obnoxious pink color. Instead, go for a fuchsia ~ It looks flattering on everyone.

3. Too many Accessories. Tone down the bling and go for an understated look. Five rings, a bracelet, dangly earrings and a necklace altogether make the accessories the focus rather than your style as a whole.

4. Sheer Outfits. The pendulum of fashion is constantly swinging back and forth between showing more skin and showing less. Currently, it's landed on less. No more see-through tops and skirts ~ classy and tasteful can still be sexy!

5. The Wet Hair Look. This is a trend we are glad to see gone. It looks sloppy, unkept and unattractive. Avoid this and to back to a more natural, less slicked-back look.

6. Camouflage and Combat Boots. The military look is coming back in a big way, and while military-style jackets can still look cute, camouflage is definitely on it's way out and combat boots are as ugly and impractical as they ever were.

7. Harem Pants. We've always thought these were extremely unflattering to virtually ever body type. Avoid them like the plague this summer!

8. Scrunchies. Like hair bows, this is a look that only serves to make you look like a little girl. Worse, it makes you look like a little girl in the 1990s. Nothing about a scrunchy says "modern woman," so leave it out of your hair.

9. The exposed Bra Strap. It was considered a faux pas for years, and then suddenly showing off a little bit of bra became a trend. It's on its way out, though, so you'll want to reconsider which tank tops you pair with which bras this summer.

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