Monday, December 23, 2013

People that Can Help You on Your Weight Watchers Journey

During a weight loss program, you are warned time and time again that the most nerve wrecking part is going to be your relationship with your weighing scale. On some days you will want to dance around for joy, on others you will compare it to your lying, cheating ex, snubbing it as you walk away.

You have to lose some to win some. Slight weight gain is a part of the process, so when you hit the scale harder than you expected, there is no need to lose hope. On days like that, you need to talk to the people that made it through, because nothing heals better than a little empathy. These blogs can help lift your spirits in one of those days.

Kelly of Eat-Yourself-Skinny
Kelly is young, upbeat and full of energy. All this energy and positive thinking is reflected on her blog, helping to motivate those of you that need it most. Whether you are a vegetarian, a paleo-dieter or a Weight Watcher, Kelly will amaze you with her plethora of information ranging from weight loss stories from people she has met, to delicious low fat alternatives to all your favorite recipes. She has categorized her recipes based on their Weight Watcher Points. Have a look at this 7-Points delicious pizza.

She also posts about the challenges she faced and how she overcame them. So reading her blog should leave you with a ton of ideas and new ways to try to break the boredom of your schedule. 

Suzanne, Jennifer and Amy of 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet
The title itself ropes you onto this page. This is the story of three sisters, Suzanne, Jennifer and Amy and how they decided that they would band together and start changing their lives. These three sisters anchored one another back in 1997 and since then, they have inspired thousands of people to get onto weight watchers. In addition to the forum, the website contains a complete set of instructions, with nutritional facts, different body types, plateau busting ideas, support groups, recipes, diet plans, lifestyle changes and much more. What started out as a way for them to journal about their efforts, quickly became a source of encouragement and motivation for the sisters themselves and the fellow dieters that visited their pages. Their website has a weight loss forum where people discuss anything about diet and weight loss. In this forum there are over 267,000 posts related to Weight Watchers alone!

Jackie of Weight Loss Triumph
After failing more than 50 times with other diets, Jackie of WeightLossTriumph describes how Weight Watchers worked for her. She explains that WW is not a diet since it not only allows you to eat the foods you love but with its new approach (Spaces and Routines) also teaches you to have control over your eating habits. The site aspires to be a lifestyle journal for the health conscious. It comes with a range of different weight loss programs, stories to inspire you, life hacks to make your journey easier and the latest innovations. You will be kept up to date on what is happening in the world around you, as well as be provide with interesting reading material on things like exercise routines, weight maintenance and much more. 

Beth's Journey
Beth struggled with losing weight her entire life, going back and forth between loss and gain because she could not find a permanent solution to her problem. She finally decided to join weight watchers after she tipped 250 pounds, leaving her at her heaviest ever. Her weight started taking a huge toll on her health. After two years of struggling, Beth is now 90 pounds lighter and at her goal weight. She is active, runs frequent marathons, and loves the new her. Her blog chronicles her journey, complete with pictures and stories of how she came to be the person that she is today. A great part of her blog deals with her Weight Watchers experience. She gives video updates of her progress, reviews Weight Watchers products (like the ActiveLink), explains how WW360 works with Routines and Spaces and a lot more.

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