Friday, December 20, 2013

Lisa’s Nutrisystem Success Story

Lisa Martin has quite a weight loss success story and is thrilled to be able to share it enthusiastically on along with other success reports. A stay-at-home mother of two children in Illinois, Lisa admits that she has always felt overweight, although she didn't really being seeing the weight creep up until college. You know, the cafeterias at college can be full of delicious (and fattening) foods! She tried at various times to lose the weight with different weight loss programs, but didn't have much success.

Lisa continued to gain weight over the years and when she reached her heaviest weight at 226 pounds, she realized that she wanted to do something about her obesity. She began to feel quite unhappy and lethargic and wanted to not only lose the weight, but also wanted to feel healthier and happier.

It was in 2006 that Lisa discovered the world of blogging and began tapping into the therapeutic power of writing down her thoughts, feelings and connecting with others via the Internet. She lived a good distance from her family, so it only made sense to create a blog and post pictures and keep in touch that way.

Not only did Lisa create one blog, but she now has four blogs that cater to different areas of interest in her life. She owns Lisa's Reviews, which she proudly offers reviews of various products, Lisa's Travels, which tracks her travels, Lisa's Cooking, which she shared her recipes and thoughts on cooking and eating, and My Ideas, Thoughts and Ramblings, her most cherished blog that showcases her weight loss story using a popular weight loss system known as Nutrisystem.

She actually chose Nutrisystem because she opted to blog about her weight loss experience in exchange for free sample products. Each week she blogged about her experience so that readers could understand her journey and follow any progress that she made. She wondered a lot in the beginning if it was actually going to work, but little by little she saw the weight come off. In fact, she lost 70 pounds total in just a few months. 

She said that at first she doubted that she would enjoy the Nutrisystem food or find food choices that she enjoyed, but overall she admits that the food selection is good and tastes good. She also admits that following the program was not as difficult as she thought it would be. She especially enjoyed the fact that she didn't have to count calories; On Nutrisystem you simply chose the meals and snacks you want an a few days later the food is delivered right to your door.

Lisa admits that blogging helped her to be accountable to following the program. It helped her not to cheat because then she would have to blog about it. She also enjoyed the comments and meeting others who had similar weight issues. The ability to blog about her own experience and encourage others at the same time helped keep her motivated. 

Lisa learned a lot about portion control and the benefit of adding exercise to her lifestyle. she incorporated Zumba into her life and exercised about 5 days per week. She chose Zumba because she enjoys dancing an wanted to have fun while burning calories at the same time.

Lisa is not done with her weight loss journey. Her goal is to go from her current size of 14 to a size 8 and believes Nutrisystem, exercise, and motivation will get her there. 

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