Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Five Finger Tees Review!!

How can anyone resist a great t-shirt? Not me! I love t-shirts with funny quotes or sayings, cool pictures or from some of my favorite movies. Five Finger Tees has some of the best t-shirts around...they offer a huge variety of movie/TV, pop-culture inspired and down right funny t-shirts that won't break the bank to buy!  Their philosophy is simple, they actually do all the work! Everything from customer service, designing, printing, photography, shipping, web site design and more!

I received this awesome shirt from one of my favorite horror movies for review.

If you didn't know, this t-shirt is from the movie Halloween!

This is just one of countless t-shirt designs available from Five Finger Tees. Check out the website and see if you can choose just one! 

Get social with Five Finger Tees

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. This would be a great gift for my teenage nephews! I always have the hardest time finding something they will like and this is a great solution! Thanks!


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