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Conair Curl Secret Review

Conair Curl Secret Review
Hi everyone! Happy Monday!!
A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a Conair Curl Secret tool.  After watching a few online tutorials, I was so excited to get this and try it out.  I figured it would be a good idea to review it for you all, so here goes!
When I got the package, I opened it and was surprised at how big it was.  I really liked the packaging design, and felt like it was really appealing to look at. Here is a picture of the packaging:
Here is a look at the actual tool itself.  I was also surprised at the size of it, and was worried it might get heavy in my hand after a while (because let me tell you, I have a LOT of hair.  I figured it would take me some time to use it!)  The way that this particular tool works is very unique.  The top part opens, almost like a flat iron, but when you put a piece of your hair in and close the top down, the tool catches your hair and “loads” it by wrapping it around the heating core completely.  The whole strip of hair is completely enclosed inside the tool.  Very neat and very fun to use!
Here is a before picture of my hair.  It is not normally this straight, but I am working with second day hair here after straightening it the day before.  The instructions called for clean, freshly washed hair.  Sorry, Conair.  Not today.  ;-)
The tool has a couple different settings.  There is a low and a high heat setting, the low being for loose curls, and the high for tighter curls.  There are also three different time settings, 8, 10, and 12 seconds.  As you can probably guess, the shorter time would be used for looser curls, and the longer time for tighter curls.  I was thinking I would like more of a wavy type look, so I started out with a low heat setting for 8 seconds.  This was my result:
As you can see, it didn’t appear that I had even used the tool.  I hadn’t used any hairspray before keep in mind, but I knew even with spray that I was looking for something a bit curlier.  So, I turned that sucker up to turbo mode. This was the next outcome:

A little better, but still not what I was imagining.  I gave it the benefit of the doubt and figured it was human error.  I had not had it for more than a few minutes, so I figured I needed to continue before deciding whether or not I liked it.  After a few more swipes, here is what we were working with:

Better.  Now we are getting somewhere. Here is what it looked like after I had finished half of my head.  This is just with a very light dusting of hairspray (because I was almost out eek!)....

Nice.  I am impressed.  Here is a pic of the back with half finished.  You can see the comparison between the two sides.  (Sorry for the bathroom pics, hubby was gone and I wanted to make sure these were nice and fresh!)

 I finished the other half of my head and I am in LOVE.  Here is a picture of the back of my head before I ran my fingers through it:

This final look is so amazing.  I know how my hair holds zero curl usually, so I cannot WAIT to use this tool when I have a hairspray arsenal and when my hair is clean.  I am so very happy with the outcome.  Please excuse the no-makeup-just-rolled-outta-bed face I have here, but here are a few pics of the final look!

The only thing I do not like about this tool is the fact that the pieces can only be 1-1 ½ inches wide (according to the instructions, but it seemed more like ¼ inch!) to fit in the tool.  People that have LOTS of hair, like me, will have to devote some time to using it.  It will not “load” the hair correctly into the tool if you have tried to use too much, but I like that because I know that all the curls will come out looking “uniform”.  You have to remember to point the open, round part towards your head before you try to load the hair. 
I personally really like this tool.  I don’t know that it is something that I would use on a very regular basis, but it would be wonderful for that special night out on the town or for special occasions.  It is a little pricey, it lists for $99.99 at Target, but I am sure you could find it cheaper if you were to shop around a little.  You can also read more about it at the Conair website:  You can also follow Conair on Facebook here,  and on Twitter here!
If you are considering buying this tool, I suggest watching some of the how-to videos that can be found here  and here
I hope you enjoyed reading a little about it, and I really think it is neat to play with and have around.  It would be a great Christmas gift for someone you know that loves hair gadgets!
Reviewed by: Sarah
Disclosure:  I received this product for free.  The views and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love this and I know my daughter would love to have it...looks like a Christmas present! Thanks for sharing!


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