Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amplicon TCL 200 Alarm Clock Review ~ Wake up on Time!

I received a very unique and special alarm clock for review from Amplicon USA. This alarm clock is the TCL 200, is the first ever alarm clock with a vibrating pad. This chargeable pad simply slips under your pillow and vibrates to wake you up.

There are so many awesome features on this alarm clock, which make it great for grandparents who may have hearing loss or even sleep deprived college students, like my daughter, who need to get up in time for class! Surely everyone has that "hard-to-wake-up" person in their home and this alarm clock may be just what they need to get up and start the day!

Product Features:
  • Announces the time and alarm time in 5 available languages
  • Alarm time displayed at the press of a button
  • Dual alarm setting
  • Connect phone line to use as a ring ampliphier/signaler
  • Selectable ringtone patterns
  • Wake-up daily, weekdays only, weekends only
  • 3 different alarm settings (loud, vibration or both)
  • Adjustable volume up to 90 dB
  • Includes connector cable and compact AC adapter
  • Wireless vibrating pad with on/off switch

Visit for this clock and many other products to enhance your listening experience! 

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Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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