Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Facts ~ I Bet You Didn't Know!?!?

Happy Thanksgiving to All of You!!!
I hope you enjoy this day with special friends and family and remember to give thanks!

  1. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was first held in 1924...featuring animals from Central Park Zoo and Macy's employees
  2. The actual "Pumpkin Pie" was not recorded until 1796, and was actually called "Pompkin Pie"
  3. The "Wishbone" originated with an ancient civilization called The Etruscans in Italy
  4. Did you know that only Male Turkeys gobble? It's true...they do it to attract hens during mating season and Wild Turkeys tend to gobble even more!
  5. The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted 3 days...Wow!
  6. Cranberries got their name from the Pilgrims, who called them "craneberries" because the drooping pink blossoms in the spring reminded them of a crane.
  7. Although proclaimed a holiday by George Washington, Thanksgiving was not celebrated as a regular holiday until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it a regularly celebrated national holiday.
  8. The average Turkey has between 3000 and 3500 feathers!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Oh great facts! I didnt know most of them! Wow..only the male turkeys gobble? I had no idea! :) Thanks for sharing!!!! I will have to share some of these during our meal today!

  2. I actually didn't know this stuff!

  3. What a bunch of neat trivia facts. Love the pompkin pie one!

    Richard Hicks


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