Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Supporting PANDA & Post Natal Depression Awareness Week!!

"It's not all Black and White" is an awesome campaign that supports Postnatal Depression and is sponsored by Brand Meets Blog. 

Postnatal Depression affects so many different types of women all over the world and although a history of mental illness can increase the chance of of being affected, it does not have a direct link which bypasses those without a history of some kind. Symptoms can include not bonding with your newborn baby, not being able to get out of bed, sadness, rage, insomnia and many other symptoms, as there is not a set of defined symptoms or actions.

I, myself, have never experienced PND, even after having four children, but I have known friends and family members that have suffered. Some suffer needlessly due to not understanding the illness and not having the proper information and support.

Let's all support PND Awareness today by posting only Black and White pictures and when posting, use #bePNDaware!

Click HERE for more information! 

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