Monday, November 18, 2013

Maestro Dobel Tequila ~ The Spirit of Choice for the Holidays!

It's the holiday season and time to begin your quest for holiday gifts for all of your friends and family members. Everyone has one or two gift recipients that are impossible to buy for because they are either super picky or they seem to have everything they want or need. Why not give a gift with understated elegance?
 Introducing; Maestro Dobel Tequila!

There is bad tequila, there is good tequila, and then there is Dobel; the first multi-aged clear tequila ever distilled. Named after its founder and famed tequila maestro, Domingo Beckmann Legoretta, each bottle of Dobel is a blend of Reposado, Anejo and Extra-Anejo tequila, made from 100% blue agave grown on the Dobel estate. The liquid is then double-distilled, matured in Hungarian EUROPEAN White Oak barrels, and filtered for exceptional smoothness and clarity. It's sophisticatedly smooth taste is matched only by its aesthetics; as a modern twist on a vintage apothecary style bottle, the glass is embossed with the family's estate, labeled in a sleek silver and black color scheme, and signed by both Senor Dobel and the Master Blender.

Forgo the shots, the schnapps, and the impending hangover! Pour Dobel straight over ice and revel in supreme taste and a new found confidence. The black credit card may no longer impress, but everyone around you will want to know what you're drinking on ice, poured from that sleek bottle drawing their eyes across the bar. 

You're welcome, and cheers!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my participation, however, all opinions are my own and are in no way influenced.


  1. These looks fantastic for a friend of ours thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Yummy, I like Tequila and this one sounds like a winner. I have to look for some to purchase real soon. Thanks for sharing.


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