Monday, November 18, 2013

Enjoy the Country Club Lifestyle in Boca Raton!

South Florida is the home of countless resorts, hotels, and other establishments that allow the visitor to rest, relax, play or dine. For the South Florida resident who desires more than just a day or night of fun and food, there is Boca Pointe

Boca Pointe is a well-established private Country Club with a resort style atmosphere, located in Boca Raton, Florida. New members are welcomed and encouraged to socialize and become part of the Boca Pointe family, while dining at the Club House, spending time on the magnificent greens, playing tennis on one of several tennis courts, engaging in a desired fitness program in the Athletic Center or merely joining in with those who have the same interests, such as dancing, traveling or games.

Membership at Boca Pointe Country Club is like no other. At this establishment, members are allowed the freedom to chose a flexible membership to fit their lifestyle and needs. Even those non-residents of Boca Point, can enjoy the luxurious golf course with "Golf Only" membership, allowing for unlimited play time. This membership also includes all fees, storage and Club House and lounge privileges. 

Visit Boca Pointe today to choose the membership that is right for your lifestyle.

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  1. Boca Raton is the ideal place for those looking to live the relaxing South Florida lifestyle with that five star sophistication. There are many Boca Raton luxury homes located on historic that do offer private beach access...Amazing blog..!!


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