Friday, March 1, 2013

Thyroid Awareness ~ Cafe Press

I believe I found a new favorite website with Cafe Press. It's not often that a site offers products aimed at awareness of various health issues. For instance, my thyroid was removed four years ago and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Since that time, it's been constant ultra sound scans, blood tests, doctor visits and medication. Although thyroid cancer is not an aggressive form of cancer in most cases, it is still a potentially life threatening disease and should be thought of as such.

Cafe Press offers a wide variety of products to support Thyroid Cancer Awareness, in addition other illnesses or disorders, such as Lung Cancer Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness and Autism Awareness. 

I chose to receive three items, all within the Thyroid Cancer Awareness theme...a mouse pad and two phone cases, one for me and one for my oldest daughter, Amanda.

All of the Cafe Press products are completely affordable and of great quality. I definitely plan on ordering more amazing products from Cafe Press.

Check out Cafe Press for awesome themed or customized products!


  1. I have had so many biopsies on my thyroid nodules I cant keep track of them :( ... (and Im only 25) today especially has been difficult and uncomfortable for me achy , tired, anxious- my thyroid hates me !!

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