Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WaxVac Review & Giveaway!!

I received the WaxVac for review, and this was one product that I was certainly anxious to try. As disgusting as it may be, my two sons have always had an abundance of ear wax, each in one ear. We have had to have their ears flushed at the doctor's office, and I'm constantly cleaning out their ears with cotton swabs. I couldn't wait to try the WaxVac, as see if it would be effective in my home.

The WaxVac arrived and included eight color coded silicone tips, they are color coded so that each family member can choose their own color coded tip and keep things as sanitary as possible. Choosing colors was just the beginning of our fun, as my sons, ages 3 and 7, love to be able to choose their own color! The WaxVac also included batteries and a cleaning brush.

I have to say, that the WaxVac does exactly what it claims to do. We administered the ear drops into my son's ears and then proceeded to use the WaxVac for cleaning. Each ear was cleaned with no sign of the nasty was or any other debris. We have even used the WaxVac after baths and showers to remove any excess water in the ears. It works perfectly!

Who would believe such a simple concept would turn into such a useful and helpful product. I love my WaxVac!

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You can order your very own WaxVac on the website or simply enter my giveaway entry form below. One lucky reader will win a WaxVac, complete with the color coded silicone tips and cleaning brush.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received the above product for review purposes, no monetary compensation was received. All opinions and statements are my own.

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  1. Everyday life is busy enough for me. Keeping after my kids and house while working part time.

  2. My latest project will be helping my brother and his family move back to Oregon from Hawaii.

  3. My grandson always keeps me busy. I start getting him ready for school,then after he leaves, do some giveaways, clean house, etc. all the fun things in life.

  4. my 2 and 4 year olds keep me busy at home all day, my 10 and 12 years olds keep me busy out of the home with basketball games and practices...i love being busy though!

  5. I've been keeping busy making tea blends for my new organic business and Love It! Also getting ready to head south for the winter!! Happy New Year!

  6. We keep busy now with Girl Scout cookie selling season :)

  7. Well...I'm not working right now due to my health..so I guess just normal housework.
    Michelle Tucker


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