Monday, April 9, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Nickels; A Tale of Dissociation

This product review is for a book titled, NICKELS; A Tale of Dissociation, by Christine Stark. This is a book that I am very happy to have been chosen to read and review.

NICKELS is about a young girl, beginning at the age of 5 who is going through sexual, mental, and emotional abuse by her father. Her mother is aware of some abuse, but chooses to ignore it and be “the happy family.”  Over the years, the constant abuse affects her more and more, and she develops multiple personalities. She disassociates herself with her life when times are tough and becomes someone else, someone very different than herself.

“Little Miss So and So”, as she refers to herself, goes through foster homes, losing friends, humiliation, and confusion. All of these things consume her until she meets a special someone, the only person in her entire life that has ever come close to understanding and helping her to cope.

I definitely do not want to give away the entire story line, but I can honestly say that NICKELS is a must read!

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Two lucky winners will also have the opportunity to experience the riveting tale of Little Miss So and So! Enter HERE!


  1. It would be an honor to win this book. Being an advocate to sexually abused & battered children, as well as Domestic Violence; I would so love to win and share when I'm through.Thank you for this offer.

  2. What a great book.. anyone can learn from this book.. I was just dropping by to say hello and check things out. Thank you for sharing this book.


  3. Thank you Ladies! The book was excellent!


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