Sunday, June 26, 2016

Love Laundry Day with Samsung ActiveWash Washer & Dryer!

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Laundry has never been my favorite household chore and was actually one that I would dread in the past, but since being fortunate enough to experience laundry with Samsung ActiveWash appliances, my tune has changed drastically!

With very active kids in my home, it seems like the laundry is never really done...I would finish a couple of loads, think I'm done for a few days, and out of nowhere, there's more in the hamper waiting for me. It was never ending! Now with the Samsung Active Wash laundry pair, I have cut my laundry time in half! The washer is HUGE and holds over 3 average baskets of laundry, which means less time washing for me...LOVE it! Thanks to Samsung's Super Speed Technology, they have also shortened the wash cycle to as little as 30 minutes per load, which is around 40% faster than other washing machines. Awesome! Wondering if this machine still performs adequately? Of course! Nothing is sacrificed and this machine is just as powerful and innovative as I would expect from Samsung. 

Have a Finding Dory Party ~ Recipes & Party Kit! #FindingDory #HaveYouSeenHer

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Dory is finally in theatres everywhere and to celebrate we have some yummy recipes and a fun pool party kit to share! Enjoy!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Comicpalooza 2016 ~ Houston's BEST Convention! #CPHOU #sp

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If you've never attended Comicpalooza in Houston, then you are definitely missing out on something really interesting and fun! This once a year convention is all about comics, games, cosplay, movies, celebrities and so much more...a three-day extravaganza of cool stuff to see and do! 

I have to say the highlight for me this year was the fact that Norman Reedus was there and although I didn't get to take a picture with him, my daughter had her chance for a photo opp. Awesome! We are HUGE Walking Dead fans and "Darryl Dixon" is the absolute BEST! Not to mention that he was also a part of the fantastic group from Boondock Saints. Great movie! My daughter and her boyfriend had their picture taken with David Della Rocco too! 

Fourth of July ~ Tanqueray Style!

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It seems as if there is always a reason to celebrate and with the Fourth of July right around the corner, it's time to begin making plans for your next gathering! Since 1941, when the 4th of July was declared a federal holiday, this special occasion has been one of fun, fireworks, food and tasty beverages. Celebrating our American independence not only means having some patriotic fun with friends and family but also spending the day in leisure, hopefully basking in the sunshine during the day then watching an amazing fireworks display to wrap up the festivities.

As you prepare for this fun-filled day, take a moment to check out some of the fun facts that go along with the Fourth of July and gain a bit of insight about Uncle Sam's birthday! Afterwards, make plans to mix up a tasty cocktail from Tanqueray Gin to get the party started properly!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


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Join America's favorite summertime tradition with Shark Week: Jawsome Encounters on DVD (and Digital) from Lionsgate. For the past 28 years, Discovery Channel has captured the world's attention with Shark Week, an annual televised event that explores the ocean's most magnificent and terrifying creatures. Featuring 13 fintastic episodes from the 2014 season (never before released on DVD) just in time for the new season of Shark Week!

I remember watching JAWS for the first time, as a child, at the drive-in theater with my parents. I was terrified, yet so intrigued and still am to this day as an adult. The shark still holds the mystery, fear, and respect that I felt towards it as a young child, but still I watch the JAWS movies and Shark Week over and over again. This new DVD is just as intriguing and captivating for me and I've watched it with my 11-year-old son, who loves the magnificent shark just as much as I do. 

Get this new DVD at retailers everywhere and watch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!

It’s almost time for Big City Adventures to begin! #AdventuresInBabysitting

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Join stars Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson as two competing babysitters that turn an ordinary night into a night NO ONE will every forget in Disney Channel's Original Movie Adventures in Babysitting

This movie arrives on DVD on June 28th and is sure to be a hit with parents and kids alike!

Download Adventures In Babysitting Activities

New Coloring Sheets & Sweepstakes ~ #TheBFG #Disney

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Disney's THE BFG will open in theatres everywhere on Friday, July 1st and in anticipation we want to share some really fun color pages and activity sheets to help get you and your kiddos excited to see the movie!

As an added bonus, you can enter THE BFG Dream Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for four to England and France from Adventures by Disney! Awesome!

Cocktails to Keep You Cool All Summer Long #BeachTips

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Now that the "unofficial" start to summer has kicked off, we want to share a few summertime cocktail recipes to help you enjoy spending more time soaking in the sunshine and less time thinking about what drinks to mix up. If you're looking for a thirst-quenching beverage that cools you down, then try Hornitos Tequila's Nothing But Sunshine, High Tide or The Red Head. Each one is perfect for any backyard BBQ, pool party or even a trip to the beach. 

For those taking a trip to the beach we've also rounded up a few tips to ensure that your trip is a breeze, stress free and nothing but fun! 
  1. Sunscreen: Everyone these days is most likely aware that sunscreen is one of those must-have items for any outdoor activity or trip. Even if you aren't a fair-skinned person, loading up on the SPF is always recommended. Spray it on...rub it long as it's on!
  2. Hydrate: Be sure to bring lots of water so that no one gets dehydrated. Pack a bunch of bottles in an ice chest so that they are easily accessible and to make sure the stay colder longer, simply freeze them the night before. They will stay nice and cold throughout most of the day!
  3. Protect your electronics: Devices are expensive so don't risk getting yours wet or filled with sand. Instead store them in plastic ziplock bags or a bag especially made for your device. Some of these bags are even waterproof!
  4. Hide your valuables: Of course, you don't want to bring lots of valuable items to the beach, but necessary items such as keys or money should be hidden well. Get creative and think beyond hiding them in your about an empty food container or sunscreen bottle ~ or maybe a disposable diaper? (clean, of course!)
  5. Be comfortable: Bring your beach chairs, beach blanket, canopy or whatever else you need to sit comfortably on the beach throughout the day. Think ahead!
  6. Change of clothing: Bring a clean change of clothing for everyone. There's nothing worse than going home in wet, sandy clothes and after a long day in the sun and water, fresh clothes will feel awesome! Remember to bring plastic bags for the wet clothes and towels too!

Quick Bath Dog Shampoo & Wipes for a Super Clean Dog!

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A stinky dog is sort of like having a stinky kid...not cool! I'm a mom of four children and also the owner of two dogs and believe me when I say, both need to be clean and fresh smelling if at all possible. Of course, my dogs do go outside every day and are not always clean but when it's time for a bath, I've discovered an awesome line of shampoos and pet products to take care of the job ~ QuickBath from International Veterinary Sciences. 

WHIMZEES Natural Dog Treats ~ My dogs can't get enough!

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Since becoming a dog owner, I've realized that not all dog food and dog treats are alike. As much as my dogs love to eat and chew on things, not every treat that I've given them has been well received and some have actually been rejected and never touched again. That is definitely not the case with Whimzees Natural Dog Treats

I received a couple of bags of treats from Whimzees and my first thought was that the design and shapes of the treats are super cool ~ alligators and little toothbrushes! I immediately handed out a few to my furbabies and they loved them...they couldn't get enough! Needless to say, the treats didn't last long in my house! The treats have these small nubs on them make cleaning my dog's teeth easy and more effective and the all natural ingredients are 100% vegetarian but are still appealing to my dogs.