Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Express yourself with style and elegance with Clever Expressions Jewelry! #Giveaway @cleverxpression

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Jewelry is an excellent way to express yourself in addition to dressing up an outfit. One of the newest trends in jewelry is the Body Chain...worn by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner and even Rhianna, this accessory trend is becoming increasingly popular and preferred for a unique, modern look.

Everyone Needs a Toolbox!

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Toolboxes are must haves for people who even only occasionally do odd jobs around the house. Nothing is better than keeping needed tools in good order, and the very best toolboxes, like those sold by companies like are very nearly indestructible.

Toolboxes aren't just boxes that are kept on a shelf in the garage or the work shed, though there are portable boxes that can be filled with needed tools and taken to a work site, either to perform an outside job or to fix an appliance in the home. These boxes are often red or orange and open into cantilevered spaces that allow more room for tools. Others have removable internal trays or two or three sliding drawers.

#Exfolimate ~ A Breakthrough in Skincare Technology!

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Skincare...very important and not something I thought much about as a teenager or young adult, but definitely something that concerns me at this time in my life. I've tried countless products to cleans, deep clean, moisturize and exfoliate my skin and only a few come close to meeting my expectations.

Odor-Free Is The Way To Be! #freshwave #Giveaway

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Any kind of odor in my house is super annoying! Whether it's from my cats or dogs, my kids or just normal household odors. I'm the type of person that always has a scented candle burning, air fresheners in every room and anything else I can find to make my home smell fresh and clean. I was able to receive a couple of products from Fresh Wave for review including a room spray and Crystal Gel in a decorative canister.

Add more lift to your pet's years with Petbrosia Pet Food! #Petbrosia

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As the owner of numerous pets, the food that I buy for my fur-babies is definitely an important decision. I take into consideration many factors including the price, ingredients and availability, but ultimately if my pets don't like the taste, none of those things matter. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Celebrate National Tequila Day‏ on July 24th!! #Sauza

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Not that we need an excuse to enjoy some tequila but National Tequila Day is just around the corner, so we figured it's only fitting to celebrate the beloved spirit!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Recognizing and Managing the Symptoms of #Menopause

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Menopause comes at a time when life when many women hope to settle down for a quieter lifestyle or, at least, a time when they are free to enjoy some of the activities that have been postponed for work or family. Unfortunately, menopause comes with a host of symptoms that can interfere with those plans. However, by recognizing the symptoms early on, women may be able to put their future back on course.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who wants some Fabulous #Freebies?

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Click HERE to get your coupon for a FREE quart paint sample from Kelly-Moore

Get a FREE Redbox DVD or Blu-ray Rental July 16th and July 17th only by using the code FRIENDS at the REDBOX Kiosk! 

Hurry over to get your FREE sample of TUMS Chewy Delights

Click HERE to get a FREE sample of Huggies Wipes and Diapers

Check back for more FREEBIES!!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Attention #Bloggers! Sign-Up for the "What's Your Ride BTS Ride #Event!"

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The What's Your Ride BTS Ride Event 

Organized by: Mom Powered Media

Grand Prize: BMS TBX EFI Touring Scooter

Event Dates: 8/4 - 9/4

Giveaway is open to Continental US Residents

Sign-Up HERE

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Bring #FuzzyHeads along on your #Summer Road Trips! #Giveaway

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Summer road trips can be so much fun, but what about a tired, cranky child in the backseat? As a parent of four awesome kids, I can tell you that it's much more peaceful to have a comfy, sleeping child while navigating a long drive.

I received two really cool products from FuzzyHeads...Red Randy and FadeAway Frank. One really neat feature is that they are not only adorable and super soft but each character comes his or her own personal bio. My two boys love their FuzzyHeads and can't wait to go somewhere so that they can use them in the car. Mom is looking forward to it too!

Randy and Frank!